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Remote Start

A cold vehicle can be an awful way to start your day. Warming your car or truck before your drive can also be a challenge, requiring you to get up early, trudge out to your car. A remote starter installation can change all that, allowing you to get your vehicle warmed up and ready to drive, no matter the weather conditions, from the comfort of indoors.

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Though there are a lot of companies offering remote starter installations for “low, low prices,” you may not know what you are getting for that reduced price. Quite often, the price advertised is for a model that does not include many of the things you look for in a remote starter installation, such as remote door lock, panic/horn, car locator, additional remotes and more. At iDetail, our motto is “No Ups, No Extras, No Hidden Fees!” This means that the price we quote will be for a remote starter installation that fits your exact needs.

Remote Starter Options

Options that can be included in your remote starter installation are:

Additional options include two-way paging, allowing you to communicate with your vehicle via your remote and find out about items like interior temperature, battery strength, functions such as open/close doors, hoods, locks and more. For those looking to increase range, iDetail has remote car starter options that can reach upwards of 4,000 feet, allowing you to get your vehicle warm from inside the mall, at work, at the store and more.

To find out the unique options you can get included in your remote starter installation, visit us at our Haledon location, or call us to speak with one of our experts.

Car Alarms

Sound The Alarm – Car Thefts Are Way, Way Up

Auto theft continues to increase every year, and with every year that goes by a new all-time high is set. An interesting fact is that many victims of vehicle theft are under the impression that simply because they have factory keyless entry, they have a Car Alarm. Unfortunately for them, and the thieves know it, that simply isn’t the case. Basic keyless entry systems will only honk the horn when a door is opened, but do not have any other features designed to prevent a vehicle from being stolen or broken into. What you need in today’s world is a real car security system.

You can take your car salesman’s’ word for it (hello?), or you can conduct a few small tests to determine if you really have an alarm on your vehicle. Lock your car with your keyless entry and then tap on the windows. Does your siren sound? If not, you likely don’t have an alarm. Or you can lock your car and move your vehicle up and down simulating the effect of a tire jack on your car. Again, does the siren go off? If not, you know the answer.

We have been selling and installing car alarm and vehicle security systems for many years. Nearly every day we have customers come into one of our shops that have been victimized after believing they were protected. Don’t let that be you. We carry the best alarms on the market and with our extensive experience you can be safe in the knowledge you’ve come to right place. We’ll get your vehicle protected and help you save money on your insurance premiums in the process. Give us a call or stop at our shop for a demonstration on the newest car security features available and let’s not only protect your vehicle, but also all the personal items you typically have in there.

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